DSP 800

  • Colours:
  • Clear

  • Unit sizes:
  • 1L,5L

  • Coverage:
  • 1.25 - 4 m2 per Litre. Actual coverage will depend on the type of finish and numbers of coats being stripped and thickness of DSP 800 applied

  • Coverage per litre for 1 Coat:

  • Dilution Ratio:

  • Solvent Dilution:

DSP 800 is a powerful Dichloromethane free, multi-purpose stripper, for the removal of all coating types - Alkyd, Acrylic, PU, Epoxy, Cellulose, RSE (semi-thick coating), RPE (thick plastic coating)... Fast acting DSP 800 works on all surfaces (except plastic), leaving a clean, coating free surface that can be refinished after 6 hours. Containing no acid, caustic soda or potash, DSP 800 will not darken the wood and thus requires no neutralisation.

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