Tropitech All in One

  • Colours:

  • Unit sizes:
  • 2.5L

  • Coverage:
  • Weathered surfaces 3.5-6 m2 per litre | New surfaces 8-11 m2 per litre.

  • Coverage per litre for 1 Coat:

  • Dilution Ratio:

  • Solvent Dilution:

Tropitech All in One is a premium quality 100% semi-transparent acrylic finish, which effectively seals wood, resisting moisture penetration, rot and decay. It contains an effective fungicide that resists mildew and a powerful UV screener that filters out the sun's harmful ultra violet rays, thereby retarding the aging (silvering) process of wood. The Tropitech system bonds in and on the wood to provide a tough, durable, lustrous finish that both protects and enhances the appearance, beauty and character of the wood. The Tropitech system enables preparation and finish to be completed the same day

Rouleau, pistolet (1800 ?? 2000 psi), taloche ??ponge ou mousse.